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History of Redemption Series, The Genesis Genealogies, The Covenant of the Torch, Abraham Park, Pyungkang Cheil Presbyterian Church


The books have been translated into English, Chinese, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia.

The Genesis Genealogies in Chinese is published as (创世纪的家谱).

The Genesis Genealogies in Bahasa Indonesia is published with the title, "Seri 1 Sejarah Penebusan Silsilah Dikitab Kejadian", meaning "Series 1 (''Seri 1'') History (''Sejarah'') of Redemption (''Penebusan'') Genealogy/Genealogies (''Silsilah'') in the Book of Genesis (''Dikitab Kejadian'')".

History of Redemption Series TitleAvailable in the languages below
The Genesis GenealogiesKorean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Nepalese, Cambodian
The Covenant of the TorchKorean, English, Japanese, Indonesian
The Eternally Unquenchable Lamp of the CovenantKorean, English, Japanese, Indonesian (coming soon!)

The Mysterious and Profound Providence of God                 (English Edition Title: God's Profound and Mysterious Providence)

Korean, English
The Promise of the Eternal Covenant Korean
The Eternal High Priest of the Covenantal Oath Korean




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